hosting an event?

We are offering to host your events in our Lounge.

MGK Premier seeks to cater to all your needs, and that is why apart from helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it provides you a place to host your event. 

It has everything you need!

Great Location

Located in the heart of Central, MGK Premier is easily accessible to anyone. Especially as it is located 2 minutes away from the Central MTR station, which ensures a high participation rate. 

Spacious Lounge

Our meeting room can accommodate around 15 people sitting or up to 25 guests standing and is suitable for any event style such as private parties, weekly seminars, corporate meetings, tasting sessions, and much more!

Useful Accessories

In the lounge you can find tables, sofas, chairs, and a television useful to any type of events. You can also have access to a reliable internet connection for online meetings or other.

Have a quick look around.


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