At MGK Premier, we offer a variety of classes aimed towards developing not only your skills as a martial artist, but as an athlete as well. Suitable for anyone of any current fitness level, all our classes are designed to help you be the best version of yourself.


Feeling a tightness in your back? Not able to touch your toes? Whatever your goals are, empower yourself through our yoga classes.
Coach Robin training kicks in Muay Thai Class

muay thai

Interested in learning to strike? Or looking to hone your skills? Our classes can facilitate all levels.
Suki training ropes in Fitness class.jpg


Keep lean and get strong in our High Intensity Interval Training class
Soon & Fabio Sparring in BJJ class

Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Under the tutelage of our head coach Fabio, learn the techniques of submission grappling.



Teen having fun in MGK Premiers Kids class
We always look forward to having the opportunity to develop a healthy and fun relationship between children and contact sports.
In our Kids (6 to 10 years old), our focus is to develop technical skills through play. Under the supervision of our coaches, our role is to provide an environment where kids can discover how safely interact with others, while learning invaluable self defence movements.
Depending on the level of the student, our Teens class (11 years and older) are focused on developing the basics of the sport, to prepare them for Adults class!